less than 24 hours to go and the volunteers are busily and cheerfully on the job…. When Coastie’s wanna give boy oh boy they don’t muck around!! Never in my life have i seen such incredible generosity with that constant flow of kind hearts just coming in wanting to pay it forward. So exciting i even had a momentarily happy attack yes they really happen.

we have even been donated a shed, 4 of our men Richard, Paul, Martin & Paul went to help lift it. made it back in one piece. Our John is on easy tasks we need to be mindful of his back. They have been working very hard the last 2 weeks getting the hall ready, removing rubbish, completing the shed and making clear our new pantry room, where we can now store more Fridges which we are needing. fixing the floor, cleaning, decorating, gardening so very dedicated

Along with the incredible generous donations of gifts, We have hams  for families, My Food Bag  Christmas hampers via Nadia Lim And a Trampoline! Thank you Ian Langman Fifo Capital part of our Bob Club network in Whangaparaoa

Thank You’s last few days..

The Warehouse Whangapraoa For portable cooker , Rebecca My Health and Safety Stocking up our pantry, John and Millwater Community Church including your ongoing financial support, and regular donations, Gifts and food, June & Emma for the hams, Richard and Sarah The Good Home for the many gifts, Carlos and Family for food, Sue Tickner & Lettisia Making us Cheesecake, Sarah & Dave gifts, Lisa and the team Silverdale Adventures, Melinda Ham, Andrew & Charlotte gifts, Louise gifts, Sasha Blackwell for the hampers donated via My Food Bag, Isabella Stimpson

And never forget our incredible and valuable volunteers!!