New Beginnings.. Its time to celebrate and set some positive goals. We are all scattered about in various places over the holiday’s visiting family and friends. Wishing you all the very best for a happy, Safe and prosperous 2017. Lets be mindful of our less fortunate, and remember we are all capable of doing something to help lift the spirits of others. I would like to give each of you a challenge this year to everyday of 2017 do a good deed. no matter how crap you are feeling,  even sharing a simple smile and hello to lift someone’s day could be all it takes, That and stay healthy ??.. Julie 

Congratulations Gina and Elmer daily posts person’s of the year, so well deserved for all your , inspiring dedicated and amazing work you do alongside a very supportive network of like minded community of people loving people.

Sitting at my desk thinking about all the “Happy New Year” wishes going out across facebookland.
Last night we took our son’s into town to see in the New year, we went for a walk and saw many of our people on the streets, some were busking, some were watching and supporting them, how happy will their New year be with the realities that housing is not affordable or available in our city.That families are being given 90 day notices that will see them moving not just out of the city but to another country because of the lack of housing and the rising costs. Landlords who have increased rents to such a ridiculous rate that no -one, especially on a benefit, could afford to pay and the state of many rental properties that are in bad disrepair and neglected because some landlords are to miserable to look after what should be an investment, but expect you to pay top dollar for a run down house with 4 walls.
The reality of 2017 is all of the above for many singles, couples and families. How happy does that make their New Year.
My wish for 2017 is to see more housing made available,to see families,couples and singles being able to afford to pay rent and still have money for Food & power.The need for Social services is greater than ever.
Election year this year and no doubt we will become a popular topic with promises being made.The epidemic of Homelessness has gone from predominately single older males to everyone, including those who work fulltime.
We have dealt with all forms of homelessness and their issues but 2016 saw a move that could only be described as “unprecedented for New Zealand” and is a growing issue.
Homelessness has no Bias, it does not care what size, shape,color you are, wether you are working or not, whether you are single or a family of 7.It has and is, affecting everyone, do not think you are safe from being touched by it’s cold hand.
To all those we have and are working with our hope is to be able to house you and yours in a safe affordable environment where you can focus on the important things like raising your family, being able to put food on the table every night and to have a warm bed to drift away on.
May 2017 see those in power, have compassion and a heart for those who are Homeless.
I’m over people Talking the talk, we need you to WALK the talk.