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Mammoth May Milestones *WARNING MASSIVE POST*

And what a big Month its been, Including the exciting news we are now 4 years in the making next month ***Love Soup Aotearoa Charitable Trust*** And more growth for the benefit of helping others will continue to increase. Love Soup Tokoroa Charitable Trust is also...

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Unity March for Homelessness Love Soup Rotorua

Incredible and dedicated efforts to make positive changes, and bring support to our Homeless people in Rotorua. Gina, Elmer and concerned community members went to the streets Saturday to show support for our friends without homes Unity March Facebook to...

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☀️🌷 Happy New Year EVERYONE 💖🌻

New Beginnings.. Its time to celebrate and set some positive goals. We are all scattered about in various places over the holiday's visiting family and friends. Wishing you all the very best for a happy, Safe and prosperous 2017. Lets be mindful of our less fortunate,...

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