The PoD AU-NZ Business Network (formally known as BoB Clubs Australia and BoB Clubs NZ) provides membership and professional breakfast, brunch and lunch business networking meetings known as ‘Business PoDs’ throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is on building a Trans-Tasman quality business network with a major emphasis on forming genuine relationships in a pressure free, friendly business networking environment. Our thriving professional business community is made up of inspiring individuals keen to connect and they continue to be our major motivator as we build, innovate and grow.

PoD AU-NZ Business Network groups (Business PoDs) are the catalyst for creating quality relationships based on trust and professionalism.  This results in quality professional referral & lead generation for members without any pressure.

The PoD AU-NZ Business Network gifts an annual membership to one Registered Not For Profit organisation per PoD, per year. If you think your organisation may fit the criteria please contact us.

A message from Julie

I have really enjoyed meeting with many of our locals across the PoD AU-NZ Business Network including mebers from the Hibiscus Coast, Britomart, Mairangi Bay, Takapuna, Newmarket, Mt Eden and Albany Business PoDs. I have been made to feel very welcome and at ease.  I enjoy finding out about everyone’s journey, and particularly how well organised and professional PoD AU-NZ Business Network meetings are.

Through the connections made with PoD AU-NZ Business Network members we have received some incredible support for Love Soup. I look forward to building relationships with members and finding out ways I can also help others in our network. I see a lot of success & friendships born as a result of these meetings. I highly recommend you come visit a PoD AU-NZ Business Network meeting near you, maybe we can go together!

A message from Jayne Albiston

– Director PoD AU-NZ Business Network

The PoD AU-NZ Business Network (formally known as BoB Clubs Australia and BoB Clubs NZ) is delighted to welcome Julie King and Love Soup to our large network of professionals. Julie is an inspiration and her outlook on business and life is totally in line with the PoD AU-NZ Business Network mission of building quality relationships over time by getting to know, like and trust each other. Julie embraces this totally and it is fantastic to see her efforts in getting to know, like and trust professionals in the PoD AU-NZ Business Network, already paying off through members and their businesses active, practical support and sponsorship of Love Soup.

I personally want to add my words of endorsement and encouragement to Julie and her mission with Love Soup. Reaching out to connect businesses and organisations to ensure that much needed food can get to those who need it most, takes time, effort, love and dedication. Julie’s passion and drive to see New Zealand food that would otherwise be wasted, be recycled and redistributed to Kiwis in need is infectious. I am looking forward to building a nation wide relationship between the PoD AU-NZ Business Network and Love Soup and thank Julie for coming to Auckland and bursting into our lives in such an inspirational way.

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