About Love Soup

The Love Soup Mission Statement

  • Feeding the hungry in mind, body and spirit.
  • To treat our guests with the dignity and love that we would a guest in our own home.
  • Provide others the opportunity to serve.
  • Provide Free nourishing meals and supportive services in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for those in need.

Love Soup is committed to:

  • Fulfil a niche in communities through New Zealand to provide free and nutritious meals to people who are hungry or in need.
  • Provide the service without judgement.
  • Work with other charitable agencies to share resources and knowledge
  • Maintain professional relationships with clients, local businesses and sponsors.
  • Work with local Councils, Police and other authorities in a business-like manner.

Our Story So far

Love Soup Goals


  • To provide meals to the needy without judgement as to the current situation of our guests and visitors.
  • To treat the needy with respect and kindness.
  • To provide an environment of companionship for the lonely.
  • To provide an outlet for those who have a desire to help by contributing in a meaningful way, either with hands-on in the kitchen, dining room or gardens or by financial assistance and become part of the solution.
  • To provide all meals free of charge but offer our diners the opportunity to ‘Pay it forward’
  • To work with other community agencies to help turn the tide of poverty and helplessness in our communities.
  • In the future, to make use of our commercial kitchen facilities to teach basic cooking and nutrition skills to small groups such as solo parents, youth who are flatting for the first time, widowers who have lost their partners etc.
  • To do this work without Central Government assistance or attachment to a church or other organisation.
  • To work with Local Government to achieve community goals.
  • To create a community environment of helping others while helping achieve self-worth and self-confidence for individual participants.
  • To encourage people to take this back into their neighbourhoods.

Love Soup Charitable Trust

The Love Soup Charitable Trust is made up of 3 Trustees:

Julie King – Founder of Love Soup

I grew up 2nd eldest of 11 children, (later discovered I had more brothers and sisters in Australia) it was first my Mum and us 4 girls, things were tough back then, Mum struggled and we often went hungry I remember church members, our Grandma and the Missionaries often helping us with food parcels, I remember going hungry. I used to look in the rubbish bin outside of the Glendene Dairy for food. I made friends with the local dairy owner and I think they knew I was hungry and would feed me. Mum was forced to go out and work a full time job. At the time, I didn’t realise how tough it would have been for her. She was a single mum raising 4 girls and and I was not an easy child to handle!

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Mum remarried when I was 10 and had 7 more beautiful children. It wasn’t an easy childhood but it taught me many things and I loved helping with the young babies.

As a teenager I went through a low time in my life. I guess you could say I made some wrong choices and in my life I experienced all types of abuse. My self esteem was pretty low and I didn’t think much of myself. For short periods of time I lived on the streets. I remember being mostly cold and very alone. As I worked I often dreamed of winning the lotto and building homeless shelters, and feeding the hungry.

I was blessed to meet my future husband at age 15, at the time I didn’t know he would be the one, but I remember spying on him and following him around the chapel, never once speaking a word. At age 16 I had a dream that we were married, we had four children and were in our first home, this dream wasn’t like any normal dream.  During our first 10 years of marriage I would reflect back on it, and when it seemed impossible we would have a home of our own I always knew this dream was a message to bring hope and by Miraculous events (which is another story) we did get our first home and mortgage In Ngaruawahia. Setting foot in that place was the most surreal experience and I knew as soon as I took that first step this was the one in my dream, it looked unlikely we would get it for a while but we did, through much prayer and unexpected help from family it became a reality.

I have experienced and still experience sever bouts of Depression. at times it can be so hard and yes I have attempted to take my life, not to Die but more to Not Exist. I just didn’t want to Exist. Two years ago this month, I nearly died, I was saved by some amazing People at the Tokoroa and Waikato Hospital. I planned it and kept it quiet. I drank enough coolant to do it, waited some hours and when breathing became different later that night I told my husband I needed to go to the hospital. I told him what i had done. I was in ICU for 3 days, with a Breathing Tube and cords and bits all over me. My kidneys had failed and they tested them 2 times daily with no progress.  They would stick a needle deep in my wrist to get part of the bone, it left me bruised.  That was nothing compared to the agony I was in from my back. I needed more Dialysis, the first time they did it when I was unconscious, the next I was determined to say “No” but something happened. I experienced what you would call a spiritual encounter. I was basically told I must heal, I must get better, for it was not my time.

I didn’t like it but the message was Clear. I had to heal.  The next day when more tests were done there was some improvement.  For the next year and a half I remained a recluse, I stayed in my room most of the time. I would only go out to church and do the shopping. In the summer, I would go with the family occasionally to the lake in Putaruru, a place I love!  Then I had to sell my car as we were in debt.

Nothing much happened over that time but my Life was about to change dramatically on 7th May 2013

In comparison to my Love Soup colleagues I’ve had a charmed existence.  I grew up on the North Shore of Auckland with loving and caring parents and sister.  Dad was a ship’s carpenter and mum went back to work part time when my younger sister started school.  No fancy high paying jobs and my parents struggled week to week as most people did and that hasn’t changed for young families nowadays. We didn’t go without food although we ended the week eating snapper because back then it was the cheapest meal, how times change!  I went to a good school although I wonder if all schools were ‘good schools’ then and changes in society have made schools better or worse.  I seem to remember poor neighbourhoods and well off neighbourhoods but not the striking difference we now have.

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I have lived in Auckland, Melbourne, Blenheim, Paihia, Lake Rotoiti and now Rotorua. I have worked in many different industries and with people from all walks of life.  I have been married for 27 years, somewhat of an accomplishment by today’s standards. I am mother to one (and 5 or 6 of her friends – haha) I have spent a great deal of my life learning, learning in the traditional sense from school, tech and courses, I have also learnt about myself  and others.  I’m disturbed to find out how little patience I have for foolish bureaucracy, selfishness, mean-spiritedness (it is a word, I looked it up), liars, cheats or dishonesty in any form.  I am outspoken on some things and prefer not to beat around the bush – life is too short – you say what you mean and I’ll say what I mean and let’s get on with it.

In my professional life, I work from home doing a number of things including website development and particularly promoting a businesses good reputation on the web to help grow their business.  I am an internet marketer, I am an author, I am trained healer.

I have come to Love Soup because I had a need to make a difference in a small way – my role in Love Soup will be to assist Julie and Tama and keep things on track as much as possible.  When Julie has a bright idea that must be implemented instantly, and she has quite a lot of them, I’m the one who’ll try to toss out an anchor and get everyone to think first, act 2nd.  I’m in for a rough ride.

Glenis Boulanger

Simon King

Simon is our back stop and voice of reason when we need him.

Charity details

Legal name of the charity: Love Soup
Registration details :  Status – Registered
Date: 23/09/2013
Registration number: CC49692