About Love Soup

The Love Soup Mission Statement

  • Feeding the hungry in mind, body and spirit.
  • To treat our guests with the dignity and love that we would a guest in our own home.
  • Provide others the opportunity to serve.
  • Provide Free nourishing meals and supportive services in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for those in need.

Love Soup is committed to:

  • Fulfil a niche in communities through New Zealand to provide free and nutritious meals to people who are hungry or in need.
  • Provide the service without judgement.
  • Work with other charitable agencies to share resources and knowledge
  • Maintain professional relationships with clients, local businesses and sponsors.
  • Work with local Councils, Police and other authorities in a business-like manner.

Our Story So far

Love Soup Goals


  • To provide meals to the needy without judgement as to the current situation of our guests and visitors.
  • To treat the needy with respect and kindness.
  • To provide an environment of companionship for the lonely.
  • To provide an outlet for those who have a desire to help by contributing in a meaningful way, either with hands-on in the kitchen, dining room or gardens or by financial assistance and become part of the solution.
  • To provide all meals free of charge but offer our diners the opportunity to ‘Pay it forward’
  • To work with other community agencies to help turn the tide of poverty and helplessness in our communities.
  • In the future, to make use of our commercial kitchen facilities to teach basic cooking and nutrition skills to small groups such as solo parents, youth who are flatting for the first time, widowers who have lost their partners etc.
  • To do this work without Central Government assistance or attachment to a church or other organisation.
  • To work with Local Government to achieve community goals.
  • To create a community environment of helping others while helping achieve self-worth and self-confidence for individual participants.
  • To encourage people to take this back into their neighbourhoods.

Love Soup 

Julie King – Founder of Love Soup

Hi I’m Julie

Today I am living and fulfill a dream I had as a child through life experience gaining desire to help the homeless and feed people that are in need

During a certain period in my life I forgot that dream and lost all hope in my potential to achieve greatness.

I was unwell so far as to almost losing my life to self-destruction and dark thoughts of believing as far as the thinking the world was better off without me.

It took a great deal of pain and divine intervention to help me see I was wrong.

Today I am that person I dreamed of being and more. Today I learn to value myself and celebrate my success as I overcome anxiety and do the things that some may find easy was most difficult for me.

Today I know the importance in having a good support network of people that help us to realise our value and place on this earth where we each love and belong. Where together we can achieve so much more.

To know the best part of life is felt with the heart. It is always True. To have a life of meaning a life of Purpose. A Life of Belonging.

I  Hope my life can be that to inspire others Know your value and worth, make it count.

Charity details

Legal name of the charity: Love Soup Registration details :  Status – Registered Date: 23/09/2013 Registration number: CC49692